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SkiSkooty Claws Ski Boot Ice Grips


Sold out!

Product description

Ice Grips For Ski Boots While making Walking more comfortable

It’s a battle walking in ski boots at any time but when it’s icy look out the boots have no grip and you can end up face down in an instant!

Skiskooty claws fit on to any ski boot and are one adjustable size.  The claws can be closed or open giving traction and grip in ice and snow when needed.Treking on hard ice just got easier

  • Built on the Classic version of SkiSkootys  –  SkootyClaws now have reversible steel cleats for added traction on ice
  • Protection for the Ski Boot Sole
  • Slip on Rocker Sole
  • Adjustable Sizing
    Folds into a Small Pocket Size
  • Black

Customer Review:  These make walking any distance a breeze, especially in icy conditions.

We love working with Ski Skootys Another Small Company making its own products  –  SkiSkootys are cutting edge in the alpine ski boot industry. Skootys Claws feature retractable cleats over the classic version which allows for more traction, while keeping with the Ski Skootys Classic distinct curved sole creating a more natural flow with each step. The comfort sole makes it easier to grip surfaces while protecting ski boots from wear and tear of hard surfaces. The claws have adjustable sizing to fit most size ski boots. Skootys are made in the USA.

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