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School Ski Discounts & Packs

Contact –

If your school is taking a large group away contact us for special prices -😀⛷ ❄

We can help sorting all those little things you need to get for your teenager.
Skiweb has what you need, if you need help contact us –

Basics they will need – 

  • Balaclava  – Hiring a helmet this is what you need
  • Ski Socks – Aways get good ski socks, your feet must be comfortable for a days skiing
  • Neck Tube – You have to stay warm
  • Ski Gloves – You can’t ski with out them
  • Hand Warmers – Learnig to ski there is a lot of hanging around – keep warm
  • Feet Warmers  – Standing around on the slopes will get chilly use these to keep warm 

Basic ski pack – Ski Offer Pack 

Its exciting going on your first ski trip, but you need to be prepaired and get the right stuff before you go. If you stay warm and keep your feet happy, your learning to ski experience will be great. 

Work up to your trip get fit, go to a local snow centre and most of all enjoy the experience, its like nothing else snow, mountains, friends. 

Schools may contact us for some great discounts –