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First Time Skiers - What you need & My Tips - This photograph is me the very first time I went skiing things have changed so much since then!

The Basics

  • Goggles - Best to get a good UV protection with anti-fog lens
  • Gloves - These need to be water resistant and warm
  • Neck Tube - Fleece or cotton just something to keep handy if you get cold and it can protect your chin in harsh weather
  • Balaclava - A silky head and warm fleece tube is best to go under helmets
  • Ski Socks - Get a good fit that will be higher on your calf than your ski boots
  • Base layer - Not essential but depends on how much you feel the cold
  • Hand warmers - Instant hand pop in your gloves and they last all day
  • Toe Warmers - These can be worn in your ski boots all day long
  • Lip Balm - Protect your lips from the cold and sun
  • Sun Cream - UV rays are extremely high on the slopes be sure to carry a sachet in your pocket
  • Sunglasses - The sun reflects on the snow making it incredibly bright.
  • Après Ski Tip - You still need to keep warm in the evenings  - take a hat
  • Snow Boots - Take snow boots with you to walk around in ice and snow
  • Skiweb Ski Carrier    - Of course you need this!  Everyone needs their own even the kids


What can be the big spend! 

Ski Pants, Jacket or a Ski Suit.  There are some very expensive brands out there but shop around for your first time you can get some cheaper options and take thermals and extra tops to keep warm or try and borrow from a friend.  Look for early deals or if you book in advance buy in the summer when they are cheaper.


What To Hire.  Skis - Ski Boots - Helmets

There is no need to buy anything especially on your first trip. Even after skiing for over 15 years I still hire skis and boots. I did have my own boots for a couple of years but decided it was better to rent as they change so much each year, but that’s my preference.

The ski hire shops have up to date equipment and it’s easier than carrying it all with you when travelling and skis also need to be maintained every year.

I do have my own helmet which I would strongly recommend you invest in if you intend to go skiing each season.  Helmets are now part of the kit you won’t see many people skiing without one, even on nursery slopes.

If you get the ski bug custom fitted ski boots could be good for you, they are heated and moulded inside to fit you perfectly.  Expensive but if you want the best fit this could be for you.

Pre-booking your hire can save you money and be less hassle when you arrive.  Look online for deals. Sometimes your accommodation can help and even have higher shops next door.

Some package companies can pre- book everything for you when you book your trip. If your not sure ask!


Ski  Lift Pass

When buying think about your ability there can be a few options for areas of slopes, check it out on line as you may not need the full pass at first.  Often you can pre order these with your accommodation, so they are ready for you when you arrive. Work out how many days you want, it's often cheaper the more days you ski.

Top Tip – Do not loose them you can not get a replacement you will have to buy another.

Most areas now have scanners so a good place to keep it is in a zipped left sleeve pocket or left side pocket on your jacket.



Going to the Hire Shop

When you hire your equipment take your time. Your boots must fit well.  The staff will help you understand how they should feel and how to put them on.  It can be a struggle getting them on but relax they are not like normal boots! It might take a bit of time to get used to them and they may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but your foot should be snug and not move about too much.

When they select your skis, they will need your weight to adjust the bindings, you will be given skis according to your skill level.

Take your Skiweb with you to the hire shop spend that extra minute wrapping up your skis and poles before you leave as you may have to walk back to your hotel/chalet boot room.  You can carry your ski boots in your hand and pop your skis and poles over your shoulder and kids skis in the hand.


Getting ready to hit the slopes each morning- Don't Stress

Go to the boot room to get ready without your jacket or helmet on. I walk down in easy slip on slides. These can be great to go to breakfast in as well and your feet love them at the end of the day when you take your ski boots off!

I take my helmet with goggles, gloves, balaclava, or neck tube in it.  Once my boots are on then I put the top layers on.

Take your time getting your boots on and when helping children. It’s important they fit well and you have clipped them up comfortably as you will be in them all day.

Never walk in unclipped ski boots to the slopes they can rub and cause pain later. Some ski boots have a walk clip at the back. Ask your fitter about this.

When walking in ski boots be careful they don’t have grip and the ground can be icy. Take your time it does feel strange to start!

When you use your  Skiweb Ski Carrier  you will now understand why you need it.  You need to keep your balance and be in control when walking. With your skis and poles together over your shoulder it’s so much easier and safer.

Even carrying kid’s skis in one hand is not so bad with Skiweb. Take your time to get used to walking in ski boots you don't want a fall before you even get on the slopes.


Advise For On The Mountains

Keeping Safe On The Slopes - Check out this link of basic Mountain Advice & Rules
My Tip - Never ski with out a helmet and control your speed 


Good luck out there, the mountains are waiting for you, enjoy the freedom and fun. I didn’t ski until I was forty but I can’t miss any opportunity to go now, I am sure you’re going to have a great time and I hope my tips help you.

Any schools that want some help and discounts - click here