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Toastie Toes Instant Feet Warmers 6 Pairs


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Product description

Instant Heat For Feet! Best Seller

The HeatMax Toastie Toes Insole Foot Warmers are adhesive insoles that stay put inside shoes or boots, providing nine hours of heat per pair

  • Ideal for Sports and Activities, Including skiing. Instant heat any place any time
  • Pack of 6 pairs
  • Thin pad sticks to base of your sock
  • Great for Outdoors, gardening, spectating sports, hiking, or just to keep your feet feeling warm on a cold day in or out of the house
  • Great for Skiing, used by the GB Childrens Ski Team and Extreme World Challenges
  • Up to 8 hours of heat, just open the packet give a quick shake and stick to your sock.
  • Keep your feet warm when skiing,fishing, sailing, playing golf, walking etc
  • Slip into your boot or shoe for instant heat. Sticky pads fit to the outside of the sock so they don’t move in your boot or shoe.
  • Toastie Toes should not be attached to skin always attach to outer garment

Toastie Toes are small and compacted you can keep them in your pocket to use at any time.

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