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Terramundi Ski Fund Money Pot

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Terramundi Tradition Savings with a history!

Once you start to fill the pot you must keep saving until it is full. Then it must be smashed whilst making a wish. It is customary to replace the pot and spend the money on 'good things', they bring good fortune.

Once smashed you could reuse the saving pot as a candle or a plant holder.

The best way to break your money pot is to get a chisel or the back of a hammer and place it inside the money slot - slowly lever the top and you should be able to pop the top off - you can now use the money pots to house a plant, sweets or pens. If using a hammer or a chisel to smash your money pot or even dropping the money pot within a plastic bag, please take care to wear protective goggles.

  • Terramundi money pots are hand thrown in Italy and hand painted in London
  • The coin section will take £2 coins
  • Our beautiful ski and snowboard money saving pots are between 17cms and 19cms in height
  • Each original money pot contains a separate fortune coin and hold approximately £200 in mixed silver but a lot more if you save £2 coins! 
  • Good luck with your savings, this is the perfect gift for any skier or snowboarder
  • Exclusive Skiweb design, silver pot with hand painted snowflakes

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