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Family Ski Carriers Pack Of 4 Exclusive By Skiweb

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Customer Review: I've always hated lugging my skis and poles around because they are so awkward to carry, especially up and down the ski hill. This simple, easy to use product is AWESOME! In fact, it is so great that I bought it as a Christmas gift for everyone in my family who skis. They all loved it as well. Amazing!

  • Skiweb Pack of Unique Award Winning Ski & Pole Carriers -Exclusive Pack At Skiweb Super Saver Deal!
  • The only carriers with NO Adjustments and totally safe to carry whilst skiing
  • 2 Shoulder Ski & Pole Carriers, makes carrying skis like carrying a bag over your shoulder - Colour selected on packing
  • 2 Handheld Children's Skiweb Ski Carriers in Freddie Ski Buddy Design - Suitable for up to Age 10 (Max ski length approx 140)
  • Skiweb Making it easy to carrying your equipment around the resort


 It's the part of the ski trip that some of us hate, carrying skis and poles around and when you have little ones you always end up carrying their skis and yours. Using Skiweb ski carrier means you can carry many sets of skis and poles, so getting around is hassle free! Or everyone can carry their own kit its easy kids in the hand and adults over the should leaving your hands free to help your children. 

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