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Got U - Kids Sports Harness With Long Leash

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Got "U" Sports Learning Harness -  Helping kids learn with confidence

  • Age 2 - 8
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps
  • Clip on and off long leash for freedom skiing with parental control - When attached and in use this leash is just over 2 meters in length
  • Back soft hold grip for support when required
  • Use the handle to get on and off chair lifts or help and support at any time
  • Detachable popper pouch to hold little items such as tissues or treats!
  • Washable

This harness is just what you need to help your little one learn many sports, it supports them, gives them confidence and enables you to help and guide them without fully controlling their every move. Give your child the freedom to learn with your control using Got U harness

Got "U" safety harness also suitable to help support your child when learning many other sports:

  1. Ride a bike
  2. Horse ride
  3. Skate
  4. Snowboard
  5. Ski
  6. Ice Skate
  7. Swim
  8. Roller Blade

Every child loves to learn new activities, using Got "U" will help build confidence and keep them safe

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